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Our mission statement – “a viable Ngāti Rārua culture, economy and society by the year 2040”.

We have identified two ways to develop a viable Ngāti Rārua economy by 2040.  Firstly, by growing the Rūnanga economic base that we manage on behalf of the Iwi; and secondly, by growing the entire Ngāti Rārua economy through investing in the business of our members.

The first approach describes our short and medium term focus, whereas the second approach represents our long term focus.

In the next 12 months, we will look to complete and implement our Statement of Investment Policy & Objectives (SIPO).  As part of this process, we will determine how much capital will be invested in strategically growing our current asset base, and how much will be invested in growing the entire Ngāti Rārua economy.  This will change over time and will be reported on in more detail at the Annual General Meetings. 

We are continuing to grow our capacity to meet our investment objectives, including implementing robust Investment Committee operating systems.

In the past, our Ngāti Rārua investment strategy has been predominantly passive.  We are now required to change to an active investment strategy to deal with our operating deficit, and secondly, to meet the outcomes of our 2040 strategic plan.

In summary, our Economic Strategy is:

    • Maintain and grow our capital base
    • Maintain and grow together with our iwi members


Nā tātou te wā – It’s our time!